Words Have the Power to Create

An often repeated, Little Engine Ventures’ value is “confront the facts.” And, one of the facts of life is that integrity is the consistency across word, thought and deed. What is rarely confronted is the power of words to create.

As children, we learn that when we cry we often get our way. We polish it with sentences, “I want food.” Maybe we share our motive and garner some sympathy, “I am hungry.” As an adult, we sometimes mature, using phrases like “What’s for dinner?” And, if truly blessed, we learn how not offend others (I’m still working on that.) “Can I help make dinner?”

Words create food. They get people involved. Without getting too weird (told you I was still working on it) this process of involving others at conception. Think about it. You cannot make a human without two people.

Now, let’s back off that line and get back to business. How do you create a business? You share an idea. How do you share the idea? Words!

Those words transmit a vision, maybe a half baked plan, and some people gather (or flee.) The result is usually coordinated effort to solve a problem in exchange for cash. If the coordination is well designed, and well-executed, it should produce a profit for the architect, capital contributor, and the workers involved. How is this coordinated? Words.

We don’t say, “Let there be light.” But, pretty nearly. We say, “Let’s fix that.” And then we go to work.

What do you find yourself saying?

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