A whistle blower calls “foul.”

Little Engine Ventures Complaint Submission Form

A company manager once told me I remind him of a protective father warning him with a firm handshake and stern words before taking the daughter out on a first date, “She means a lot to me. I trust you. Bring her back safely.”

I’ve always considered myself quite approachable. However, I immediately began to worry that my position as the leader of Little Engine Ventures might accidentally create a crushing handshake effect to those who don’t know me better. So, I thought I’d provide a relief valve as a precaution.

I rarely get reports from employees within control companies. I prefer they talk directly to their manager. But, people can call me if they want. Some times they cannot. And perhaps other times, they wish they could report a problem anonymously because they’ve tried to address the problem but are fearful of the manager, a teammate, or even me. I don’t want people to live in fear.

So, below is a link to a form that people can submit comments privately. You can even report me. Mikel has access, too.

Little Engine Ventures Complaint Submission Form

Thank you for your patience with me. I realize what you write might be extremely delicate. However, know that my intention is to investigate whatever goes into this form. If it’s not that big of a deal, or there is a way to resolve it yourself, please address it yourself. If not, I’ll do my best to resolve it swiftly as best I can.

If this fills up with spam, I’ll try another route.


Daryl B Starr

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