Transforming Knowledge

“Knowledge is justified true belief.

Wisdom is knowledge enacted.

Prudence is wisdom enacted for the good of all involved.

Righteousness is prudence enacted in accordance with God’s will.”

A version of the above was first shared with a group of friends seeking to understand righteousness. The above is how I have come to think of righteousness. I write “a version” because another friend corrected my error in my understanding of knowledge after publishing this blog post. Knowledge is not just information retained, but truth that forms a trustworthy belief. Information alone is insufficient. You must develop conviction. And, not just any conviction will do. Your belief must be grounded in understanding which is justifiable.

As an investment principle, transforming knowledge is critical. One must know something that the majority misunderstands and has wrong. Often, an investing edge is distilled to an informational edge alone, also. However, like my initial post, this is insufficient. The understanding must be grounded in truth. And you must believe it to the point that you act. Doing so can prove to be a wise investment -evidenced over time.

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