General Partners

This group is responsible for the day-to-day capital allocation decisions. Daryl Starr started Little Engine Ventures with Mikel Berger.

Never sold a company? No worries! Most people haven't either!
We acquire other brands and retain local names outside of our existing geographies.
Daryl Star

Starr is an entrepreneur turned investor. He began companies in his teens. Acquired companies in his twenties. Had a liquidity event in his early thirties and started Little Engine Ventures with some friends and family after.

Mikel Berger

Berger is a self-described “accidental entrepreneur.” He found himself starting a company with a college professor at the end of grad school. The two launched Delmar Software Development, which still provides custom software development to local businesses. Delmar was a vendor to Starr’s company that scaled and sold. Berger joined Little Engine Ventures before legal documents were completed.

This partnership has racked up 18 years of working together. Together, they looped in a handful of others owners and set Little Engine Ventures in motion. In 2023 a corporate trainer and District Managers were added to the General Partnership to equip General Managers for success during a geographic expansion. We are certain more will be added.