Over the years we have compiled and retained proprietary information for our own use. This includes hard facts and soft estimates. In July 2020 we began sharing portions of both.


We believe numerous tools are required to protect business equity. The most important focus is internal to one’s own business affairs. Yet, the comparison and insights gained from the study of other firms may prove valuable as well. The direct study of private companies is often the most difficult because the information is dispersed and disorganized. Our solution is to structure the data and compile it so those insights can be formed more consistently. For additional value, we have applied some insights from our own study.

Our goal is to start small and local and expand geographically as interest and value dictate.

We are limiting access to close friends of Little Engine. If you would like access to this information send an email to info@exclusivepickups.com. Daryl or Mikel will reply with specifics.