Earlier this month, we had great conditions for making snowballs. Temperatures just under freezing with plenty of moisture made for some really wet snow.

Alice Schroeder titled her Buffett biography The Snowball because of this quote.

Life is like a snowball. The important thing is finding wet snow and a really long hill.

Warren E. Buffett

My daughter and her friend found some wet snow. But they missed the part about the really long hill.

Snowballs are heavy. And often dirty.

Without the assistance of gravity, the snowball quickly becomes too much for one person to push. Or two. Or three, even if one of the people is your dad, who eventually stops taking pictures and comes over to help.

If you really want your kids to make giant snowmen, you would be wise not to locate them in a subdivision in the flat part of Indiana.

The local conditions set the upper bounds of your endeavors.

I leave it as an exercise for my reader to apply this insight to your business.

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