Little Engine Ventures is a nod to small but mighty teams that humble themselves before troubled customers, and help them climb. We are excellent at managing small teams at multiple locations. Our team sizes range from 2 to 25 per location. When others think “that’s barely a company!” We think “small but mighty.”

A large team doesn’t really exist anyway. Large teams may share some values, share a purpose, and share a pay stub signature. But, truly, the strength of a team is greatest when it’s small. People play unique roles that complement each other but also cover for each other in ways that promote the development of the individuals and excellence for all.

We have recently been adding locations. This means we sometimes inherit a team through an acquisition and sometimes we have to form a team through an organic launch. We know the type of leaders we need and the type of teammates they benefit from. We gather them, but they hold it together and get it done. Together, we form a cohesive network of teams.

Because geography matters so much to our service companies, we also measure our team relative to their total addressable market. How close are we to maturity in this location? Amongst this team? It’s truly impressive what a small team can achieve when they are all pulling together in the same direction.

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