Not retired but not required

We had another business owner in our office this morning. It was basically a meeting we came into cold. He had read an article about us, checked out our website, and thought our values might align. So he reached out. Early in the conversation he said, “I don’t know you from Adam.” We made a few quick connections as fellow business owners and then proceeded to learn a lot about his business. All of those details are not mine to share at this point, but he said something regarding his personal future plans that really struck home with me and Daryl.

I don’t want to be retired. I’d just like to not be required in the business any longer.

Not retired but not required. What a simple way to express what we’ve heard from so many business owners over the last two years of Little Engine Ventures. It is a privilege to get to work with the owners that we can to help plan for the continued success of their business, its employees, and its customers. It is also satisfying on a personal level to see them reach their goal to not retire, but become not required.

If we close on the deal, I’ll edit this post to credit the business owner by name. It would be great to make him our next Owner Emeritus.

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