Redeeming Entrepreneurship

A few years ago I gave a talk at the locally organized TEDx event at Purdue University. One of our Executive on Deck candidates found it. Bonus points to her for the good background research on us. It feels a bit pretentious to tell you to watch me ramble on about my entrepreneur journey for 9+ minutes, but hey, you wouldn’t be reading this blog if you weren’t at least somewhat interested in where I came from and how it shapes my current thinking.

This talk was given before Little Engine Ventures was formally announced. So it’s not mentioned in the video but for my small piece of LEV it tells a good chunk of the story of how I arrived at the point of deciding to join Daryl on this train. To get an opportunity to help the growing number of small business owners that don’t have a solid way to have their life’s work continue on is a hugely satisfying problem to be working on.

Mikel rambling for 9:33. It’s difficult for him to be that brief.
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