What isn’t changing?

I had a call earlier today with one of our managers. Daryl’s usually the guy that works most closely with him. Since we hadn’t talked in awhile we were just catching up before getting down to business. The topic centered around how much has changed in our world in just the last couple weeks. The question then was what might change in the next few weeks, months, and years.

In Charlie Munger fashion, I tried to invert the question. Instead of trying to figure out what will change, I asked him what won’t change?

People are still going to have trash. People are still going to drink beer.

But even more fundamentally. People are still people. For example, we still value connecting with others. Another guy called me today and said, “I was just going to text you but I needed to talk to someone.” Totally cool. I get it.

Last Friday we did the first virtual version of our CEO Lunch. People showed up because they wanted to know what others in the entrepreneurship through acquisition space are thinking. Are these people freaking out? Should I be freaking out? They wanted to share ideas. So everyone hops on the call to figure it all out.

Then Pam hops on and makes everyone laugh and puts people at ease. Then she drops knowledge bombs. Just like she always does.

I’m betting on the Pams of the world continuing to be Pam. Times like these don’t create new characteristics in great people. But times like these do reveal them.

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