Athens to Meteora day trip


Escape from the big city buildings and embark for a wonderful journey to one of the most astonishing sites in Greece, the towering rock formations of Meteora. The 4-hour drive will take you through the picturesque Greek lands, allowing you to enjoy the various landscapes, before finally reaching your destination in the town of Kalambaka.

You will have the chance to see the statue of Leonidas of Sparta & 300 Momument in Thermopyles as we stop to take some pictures. Once you arrive in Kalambaka you will be taken to the very top of the towering cliffs, to visit two of the fantastic monasteries that are perched high upon the steep rocks of Meteora.

After exploring the historic monasteries, you will then slowly make your way back down to the town of Kalambaka, where you will be able to soak up some of the northern Greek cultures and sit down to enjoy an authentic Greek lunch. From Kalambaka, it is easy to see the sheer magnitude of the Meteora rock formations.

A visit to Kalabaka is never complete without visiting the Theopetra Cave, a unique archeological monument. The cave has started being inhabited since the Middle Paleolithic period (which started at about 100.000 years before present).

After the sightseeing ride is over with a relaxing afternoon drive back to Athens, we are going back to your accommodation or other point of preference.

Please, note that long pants, covering knees and foot are required to enter the Monasteries for men and long skirts for women.

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