Our team is fantastic… and getting better. I have asked some to leave really good jobs, and they did. I have asked others to trust us after we buy businesses from founders and they have. However, change outside of my control does still occur. I consider it an opportunity. Changes feel like a crack in the landscape, and my constant pressure is the water that fills that void. I advance.

At one of our companies, we had an employee steal a truck. The manager fired him. It stinks because he was a good employee. But he was told not to take it on a Saturday for personal use. What do you do? Hire someone better. It’s good.

Then, I introduced one of the best customer service representatives I had ever met to a manager. She has a giant heart for service and a disarming demeanor. Any customer problem is a new opportunity for her to excel. She filled a role. We gained ground. It’s good.

At LEV Capital Management, Neil Banwart is returning to Cummins. What might appear like a void is now an opportunity for one of our excellent Controllers to advance. This creates hiring opportunities in other areas for other CPA’s and book-keepers. We also have a chance to engage our Advisory Committee and bring in new administration support. Neil has been a great friend and will remain a solid investment partner. For that I am grateful. Void filled. It’s good.

In another company we had a portfolio CEO volunteer to reduce his salary and begin a hunt for another business part time. A sales manager has a chance to step up. How amazing is that? If we get a handful of these people in our family, we will conquer. People follow servant leadership. It’s good.

At yet another company, we had a Director of Sales cherry picked by a competitor. It sucks for us, but he will be awesome at leading a team about 10x his previous team’s size. What that competitor doesn’t know is I’ll probably hire him back at some point. It’s good.

I had to fire an analyst. Administrative Assistant filled the void. It’s good.

Mikel and I interviewed a dozen people. Several new Executives on Deck are preparing to join. It’s good.

For me, this month is warm ups. This is August two-a-days for football pre-season. I’ve got an amazing team, and a chance to make it even stronger. We will conquer. It’s good.

If you want to win… If you want to pursue greatness… If you refuse mediocre results… If you are willing to bear some risks in order to be great… Call me. We will conquer together.

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