Nice shirt. Are you invested?

I wear our company gear a lot. I estimate that about 90% of my daily wear clothing has a logo of a company I have ownership in or a non-profit where I serve on the board of directors. It’s the nearest thing I have to a uniform.

But I don’t just wear the gear to work. I’m free advertising for our companies whenever I go out in public.

If asked about it I would say I do it because I’m cheap. The shirts are already paid for. Daryl mentioned in a recent post how wearing the same thing every day frees up headspace for more important things. So it keeps life simple.

But then last week I was listening in while Daryl watched an investor presentation. The presenter explained the Latin root of the word invest deals with clothing.

investire to clothe, surround, from in- + vestis garment

If you’re going to invest in something, you need to surround yourself with that company. The shirt is a way to visibly remind me of the customers. The hat is a way to remember all of the staff. When I pick out a shirt from my closet in the morning it’s a brief but impactful reminder of the companies that make up Little Engine Ventures.

I also learned one other lesson. Sometimes I do smart things without realizing it.

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