Introducing “Little Engine Information”

Little Engine Ventures (“LEV”) has conducted research on private companies since 2016. After thousands of direct and indirect records have been organized privately, we thought it was time to share a few insights about our community with our friends and neighbors without breaking confidentiality. Early feedback has been promising and so we thought we’d name our research and launch a more formalized offering. Please meet “Little Engine Information.”

Our goal with this endeavor is to continue to build a community of like-minded owners who might enjoy partnering with us. Our value proposition for “Ventures” and “Information” both revolve around liquidity transformations that grow owner equity at market-leading rates while maintaining below average risk of loss. If you value this approach then you may find our work interesting. We certainly do!

So, what is it?

Little Engine Information is a research and credit rating publication. It’s a standardized “About Us” web page packaged in a meaningful order for companies we deem noteworthy. It’s fast access to hard-to-get insights prepared by a thoughtful editor. It’s not perfect. It’s guidance for your equity.

While the sale of equity is a liquidity transformation of one’s equity there are numerous smaller decisions that an owner makes every day. Should I buy this machine or hire this employee? Should I issue a dividend or reinvest? Should I extend this customer credit or ask them to pay a portion upfront? How do I compare to others in my industry? Each of these example questions are complex decisions with strings tied to other aspects within your business. A well-reasoned methodology helps you scale by sharing the workload with your staff.

If you believe all aspects of capital allocation are the responsibility of the owner but are looking for ways to scale this mindset throughout your executive team, we think this publication may be helpful.

Today is the first public release of Little Engine Information. It’s free. It’s simple. It’s small. We’re not trying to act big or think small. We’re trying to think big and act small. In early Q3-2020 we expect the publication to cover >5,000 private companies within four counties in Indiana. If you like it, we will keep going. But, we want your help and feedback.

Visit, save and return to this web page ( for more information. Click through to Volume 1, Edition 1 and use “Control F” function on your keyboard to search.

If you want us to investigate another business please make your request here (Investigate New Company).

If you want to email something else, send it to

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