The LEV Elevator Pitch (Literally)

This morning I held the door of our building open for a woman walking behind me. She in turn held the elevator for me and asked what floor. [Side note: I love midwestern niceties.] After telling her I needed to go to 5 she asked, “What’s on 5?” I said, “Little Engine Ventures.” She looked slightly confused. So I followed up with…

It’s a partnership of business owners that are buying small businesses in the area. We own Magic Glass up off of 9th Street and Spectrum Seed out east of town plus a few more.

We hit the 5th floor about the time I got to mentioning Spectrum. She said she worked for an attorney and we went about our day.

I’ve pitched myself and heard probably thousands of “elevator” pitches over the last 15 years. But I don’t think I’ve done one in an actual elevator.

For you loyal followers of LEV, how do you think I did? What would be better to include in an elevator pitch for LEV?


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