Brand Promise Wheel

The brands or sectors listed in our brand wheel are purists. We believe the most enduring brands are split complementary. They start with a split base and spice it up with an opposite accent, tactically exploited.                     The next best and most common successful brands are […]

Greater Lafayette Entrepreneurship Week

We often say we are proudly midwestern. Our name not only comes from the children’s book but is also an homage to Daryl and Mikel’s alma mater, the Purdue University Boilermakers. Our office is just a couple of miles east of campus in Lafayette, Indiana. We’ve loved starting businesses, starting families, and growing both in […]

Work Heartily

In addition to being CTO at Little Engine Ventures, I (Mikel) am privileged to serve Kossuth Street Baptist Church as a lay (unpaid) elder. My turn to write on the elders’ blog was last week. I was reminded of a couple of recent sermons by our preaching pastor and how they have impacted my work […]

The LEV Library

Updated on November 6, 2022 by Daryl Starr – Airtable The first room in the LEV office has three, floor-to-ceiling walls of built-in bookshelves.  The other wall has windows.  Rather than have the bookshelves ripped out and replaced with a single Amazon Kindle, we decided to populate the shelves with books (and other trinkets.) If […]

Create Value for Others

Recently, I was pondering my ability to forecast cyclical businesses (which is very low, I might add), and had to return to Ray Dalio’s “How the Economic Machine Works” for a little inspiration. This is a terrific 30 minute video-infographic explaining the foundation of economic cycles. I have enjoyed viewing the video numerous times over the […]

Enabling Technology on Main Street

There is something special about technology.  Steve Jobs once said that he perceived the computer as the bicycle for the mind.  Just as a bicycle transformed the ability of a person to move great distances, very quickly, with very little effort, the personal computer transformed the distance, speed and effort required to accomplish many mental […]