Buying Our First Stapler

We just purchased our first stapler. That’s right. We bought businesses before we bought a stapler. Today is a monumental day.

As I loaded it with staples and put it on the shelf I happened to think, “this is weird… and somewhat revealing.” At our Annual Meeting I had a slide that compared Conventional with Conservative investing. I think the order of operations here is revealing. It’s conservative, but unconventional. At Little Engine Ventures headquarters most of our work is conducted on MacBooks and cloud software… or live in person. We are lean and mean. Staples were a sign of waste for Mikel and I. We refused for a long time.

Disclaimer: We also didn’t buy staplers because staff that needed staples would bring their own stapler (we purchased the staples.) Not until recently did our administrative assistant finally come up with a decent enough reason for a stapler did we pull the trigger.

It’s a monumental day here. Stay tuned. Things might get real crazy now.

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